ADHD Screening

This is a 3-appointment evaluation process for helping to determine if your child has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.


The clinical evaluations of ADHD should be comprehensive and multidimensional and capture its impact on home, school and social functioning. The assessment may include the following:

  • Parent and child interviews
  • A bio-psycho-social assessment interview including family history
  • Parent- and teacher-completed child behavior rating scales
  • Parent self-report measures
  • Direct behavioral observations of the child in natural and clinical settings
  • Review of prior school and medical records


Initial Appointment. Schedule your initial assessment visit. This appointment parents and the child must be present to have face to face interview.


Testing appointment. This appointment will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.


Evaluation and Reports Appointment. This appointment will be for parents only to discuss the results and findings of the assessments. Recommendations for treatment will be provided to parents.

Insurance is accepted. Copays apply for each visit. No medicaid.

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